Poori is a standard sautéed flatbread that is served for breakfast transversely over Pakistan and India. In Pakistan poori is a bit of a notable week’s end breakfast called Halwa Puri, which is basically a platter of pooris gave halwa, punjabi chole masala and aloo ki bhujia (potato curry). Today, I’m demonstrating how to make delightful fragile poori at home with a little bit at a time pictures and tips. Pair it with this Suji ka Halwa , Aloo ki Bhujia and Punjabi Chole Masala for a lipsmacking early lunch.

How extraordinary do these photographs look? Halwa poori is one of my favored week’s end morning suppers, and remembering that by far most go out to have it as casual breakfast, I like to make everything at home from time to time. This week I will be sharing the ever well known halwa poori plans with you, so you likewise can make a brilliant Pakistani casual breakfast at home.

As referenced above, halwa poori is a blend platter involving fragile, flaky poori breads, suji ka halwa, Punjabi chole also called chana masala, and aloo ki bhujia (or aloo ki tarkari) and some sort of pickle. I will be sharing the equation for Punjabi chole masala this week, so stay tuned!

In any case, first we should start with the whiz, and let me walk you through a tiny bit at a time on the most capable technique to make poori at home.


All around helpful flour and whole wheat flour (atta): Most plans call for either just for the most part valuable flour OR whole wheat flour (atta). In any case, I like to use a mix of both, in light of the fact that the by and large valuable flour gives sensitive quality to the poori, while the whole wheat flour adds to the structure of the poori.

Yogurt: Adding just a bit of yogurt to the poori hitter ensures that your poori turns out sensitive at home.

Ajwain seeds: This is optional and generally for upgrade. Ajwain in like manner helps with digestion.

Oil: Just a touch of oil furthermore keeps the poori sensitive.

Warm water: You need warm water to utilize to poori hitter until a tight blend structures.

The best strategy to MAKE SOFT POORI/PURI AT HOME

Poori can be viewed as fairly questionable to make at home, anyway stress not. Today I’m going to walk you through how to make magnificent and flaky pooris at home!

Start by mixing with or without the poori blend fixings from the warm water.

Bit by bit incorporate warm water and back rub the hitter until a fragile anyway tight blend structures. The hitter ought to nor be too sensitive nor exorbitantly hard.

Once the poori blend is readied, spread it with a texture and let it rest for 10-15 mins.

After the player has refreshed, separate it into little blend balls and start turning them out.

Fix each blend ball a bit with your fingers, and a while later overlay them into level thin circles. They ought to be moved slight with the objective that they adequately puff up while fricasseeing. A tip to turn away the blend holding fast to the surface while rolling, just touch a bit of oil on the player balls while smoothing them with your fingers before you start collapsing them into plates.

Uncover a couple poori blend balls in a steady progression, in light of the fact that pooris fry quickly and you need to work fast to uncover the hitter balls. So I like to uncover a couple at time, and a short time later spread them with a soaked texture so they don’t dry out brisk.

To check if the oil is hot enough for carmelizing the poori, incorporate a tad of blend into the oil and in case it skims up and sizzles, the oil is at the right temperature. The oil should be hot, considering the way that the pooris need to burn quickly.

Carefully slide in the poori and cook until it floats and flames puffing up. Using an opened spoon, carefully flip the poori and subsequently press gently with the opened spoon. Do whatever it takes not to cook the pooris for a truly prolonged stretch of time as that will make them unreasonably firm.

Fry until the poori is a pale splendid darker concealing. Remove and spot on a plate fixed with kitchen paper towel.


The poori player should be to some degree solidified/tight, and not fragile. This is so the player can be successfully turned out without holding fast to the surface.

Counting yogurt is optional, yet it helps in making fragile pooris.

When collapsing the hitter ball into poori, incorporate a touch of oil to the blend ball with the objective that it doesn’t cling to the surface while rolling.

The best approach to making flawless pooris is that they should puff while burning. In case your poori doesn’t puff up while cooking, either the oil is exorbitantly hot or cold or the hitter wasn’t utilized all around alright.

Do whatever it takes not to let the pooris fry for a truly lengthy timespan or else they will end up being unnecessarily darker and new.

Desire you benefit as much as possible from your astonishing desi casual breakfast in the wake of assessing my recipe for pooris!


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1 cup commonly valuable flour maida

2 cups whole wheat flour/atta


1/4 teaspoon ajwain/carom seeds optional

2 tablespoons yogurt

2-3 tablespoons oil

Warm water for employing the hitter

Oil for significant singing


Consolidate the for the most part helpful flour, whole wheat flour, ajwain, yogurt and oil. Incorporate warm water a pinch on the double, until a smooth and strong blend has surrounded.

Spread and rest for 10 minutes.

Remove the player from the bowl and parcel it into medium evaluated blend balls. You will get around 8 to 10 hitter balls.

Warmth oil in a wok and being collapsing the pooris into a medium assessed circles. Incorporate a bit of oil to each blend ball with the objective that it doesn’t stick when collapsing into a circle.

Before singing the poori, check the oil temperature by dropping a tad of the poori blend into the hot oil. If it drifts up instantly and doesn’t become darker the oil is at the correct temperature.

Carefully detect the poori into the whole and fry until it floats and puffs up, by then flip it and gently press with an opened spoon.

Once poori is splendid dim hued, clear it and spot on a paper towel lined plate.

Continue with cooking the pooris until all are seared.

Serve instantly with halwa or chana masala.

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